About Arturo Robles Gil

and Jaime Maussan 

The two men have a close relationship. Arturo has worked with Maussan for more than six years. The men have shared in  photographic exchange, and visited in one another's homes. Maussan has not been negligent in noting Arturo's photographic skills and his uncanny ability to capture our Celestial Visitors.  

Arturo signs many of his video and still clips with "Maussan Productions" or similar wording. When I was first introduced to Arturo this fact gave me concern. I explicitly inquired Arturo about it. Was he free to share with me?

He was emphatic. His video and still materials were his, and he had no legal obligation to Maussan. He was merely signing them as acknowledgement of their relationship, not because they had any copyright, trademark or business agreement.

We should understand that Maussan brought Arturo to the attention of the world. Without that connection we would not know about Arturo's discoveries.

Unfortunately, Arturo's work was mixed with a highly perverted presentation of our Celestial Visitors. One cannot examine Maussan several web sites without this recognition. See http://www.ovnis.tv where Maussan hucksters all manner of extraterrestrial materials, including Crop Circles.

Maussan's lack of discrimination in celestial realities, or rather his swallowing of outright hoaxes and fakery, has been noted by other researchers. This is a sad commentary on the state of our understanding of God and his angels. But Maussan has also brought the attention of the world to these Mexico sightings.

Santiago Yturria is Maussan's right-hand man. He publishes articles in various media to bring attention to Maussan's work. For example, he has this article published at Rense.com. It is a survey of the phenomenal Mexico City sightings.



Another report by Santiago Yturria at Rense.com is this:




On the other hand some people have expressed their views of Maussan, and his lack of integrity.



Maussan made a trip to England to visit the purveyors of Crop Circles. Shortly after he returned to Mexico the most phenomenal "Maya" circle appeared. A dead give away as a fake is the fact that it took three days to complete. Those who quickly visited the site after it was "discovered" found metal path markers lying on the ground within the formation, another dead give away. Yet Maussan made major money in selling metal simulations of the site.

Maussan's standing in the field of research on our Celestial Visitor may be estimated by his appearance at many major conferences. For example this short remark comes from:


The presentation by Maussan was given in June, 1998 at the MUFON Conference in Denver, CO.

Mount Popocatepetl's Ufo's:

Mexico sees huge Ufo clusters as volcano heats up:

Veteran Mexican newsman and UFO researcher Jaime Maussan told CNI News that of all the thousands of UFO videotapes he has gathered since the Mexican wave began in 1991, none are more impressive to him than fifteen daylight videos showing huge clusters of luminous objects in the sky. In Denver, Colorado for the international MUFON Symposium held June 25-28, Maussan showed videotapes depicting clusters of 50 to 100 objects, often forming unusual patterns against the blue sky. The first big cluster in Mexico was caught on video in October, 1992, Maussan said. More large clusters were recorded in February 1993, October and December 1994, July 1995, March 1996, May and June 1997. In 1998, large clusters have been reported and videotaped twice in February, twice in March and once in June. Sent to Maussan by many Mexican citizens, the videos depict scores of silver-white luminous orbs moving about the sky. Sometimes they line up in long straight lines or patterns of multiple lines. Sometimes they hold stationary positions for several minutes or appear to move against the wind. Referring to a possible relationship with crop circles, Maussan told CNI News, "What is happening in the wheat fields of England is also happening in the skies of Mexico." Whether symbolic or not, the huge clusters of aerial objects are difficult to explain in conventional terms. And they seem to be occurring more frequently in recent months. Maussan believes they may have some relationship to a feared eruption of Mount Popocatepetl, southwest of Mexico City.



Maussan comes to us as a human figure subject to extreme controversy, as a liar and pretender.

For the information of the reader I show here a photograph of Maussan's home. We can only regard it as unique.