Celestial Objects - Part One

Many celestial objects appear in our skies today. We have a mass of photographic evidence. I cannot possibly begin to emcompass that mass but have limited myself to a small number of unique examples. Those shown here come mostly from Arturo Robles Gil, who plays a very important part in this presentation because of his favor by our Visitors.

Disk Creating Vapor Trail

Arturo caught a phenomenal object traveling high in the atmosphere over Mexico City. This video clip is stunning. I was struck by the "coincidence" of many of Arturo's sightings, which are so fortuitous. This strange object apparently was "showing-off" to Arturo. Arturo spends many hours a day watching the sky. When he sees an object he will photograph it with his excellent still camera, or take a video of the object. Here he was taking a video of a small white object. As he was recording he caught it in motion across the sky. It imitated a man-made object under the conditions of a setting sun, and at high altitude while leaving a vapor trail. The trail is emblazoned with the light from the setting sun. The gaps in the trail are typical of what an aircraft will produce at it flies through different atmospheric vapor content. Magnification shows that it is not an aircraft, nor a meteor. See photo below.

Video in Real Time

Video in 1/2 Real Time

Disk In Acrobatics

This video by Arturo show a disk object. Note that the disk does not move in an  upright position, but on edge, or at right angles to the vertical. Note also that the disk is shifting energy through the video, appearing at times like a ball of light rather than a disk. Many of the objects over our skies may be in such an energy state when visible to us, appearing as balls and then changing to disks. The appendage that appears later in the video violates the principle of symmetry that we would expect from such objects. I know of no explanation for the appendage.

Disk Over Mexico City - July 30, 2006

An object photographed by Arturo that is very similar  to the video above. However, the resolution and acrobatics are not sufficiently good to make reliable comparisons. The object seems to be sometimes in a mid-state between higher energy and metallic resemblance.

Mexico City - February 23, 2006

Dark object below clouds captured by Arturo mid-afternoon.  Similar comments as above.

Mexico City - August 14, 2005

Mid-morning object captured by Arturo above clouds. Similar comments as above.

Mexico City - March 10, 2006

This object was photographed by Arturo while on holiday in Acapulco. We can see how these objects seem to follow him around.

Acapulco, - January 19, 2006

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Arturo sent me nearly two dozen videos, showing similar objects under different atmospheric conditions, and against different backgrounds. I do not show them here because they do not contribute significantly to our understanding.