Celestial Objects - Part Two

Here I present an assortment of objects, from "worm like" structures, what I call Mother Carriers, to long cylindrical objects, what I deem to be seraphic transports, to balls of light. Four different people contributed to these displays.

This video clip comes from Arturo Robles Gil, who was vacationing in Acapulco, Mexico at the time. It shows a "worm-like" object surrounded by and spewing forth small "sphere-like" objects. I call this a Mother Carrier.
This video clip comes from Rich Giordano, who took it from his home in Phoenix, Arizona. An object passes at extremely high speed in front of another stationary object. Rich was able to stop the motion to capture the image.
This video clip comes from Rich Giordano, who took it from his home in Phoenix, Arizona. It shows flashing objects against the night sky.  I offer this video because of my own experience in observing a similar flashing object in the late summer of 2004.
This video clip comes from http://ufocasebook.com/ and someone who identifies himself as "Johnny Anonymous" I include it here because we may be witnessing the expansion of other carriers from a "mother" carrier.
"Johnny Anonymous" offered a more detailed explanation of this event on http://www.hbccufo.org/. I show that here.

Sonora Exploding Object
These still shots come from Andy Fowlds in Medway, England. They show first a ball of light, and then a seraphic transport adjacent to the ball of light. This is the first distinct photograph of both objects in the same view of which I am aware. George Adamski attempted to show this relationship but his photos may have been a hoax. The Crop Circle appeared the next day.
This still shot by Kelvin Barbery on December 29, 2007 of an object over Conwall, England well captures a

Classical Flying Saucer
This still shot was caught by Georgina Garcia de Robles Gil, the wife of Arturo Robles Gil. The date was July 5, 2008 at 2:31 in the afternoon. She was unaware of the object until after she developed the digital frame. As I stated in an email to various individuals, these objects are flitting all about us, unnoticed by human beings, making a record for our Planetary Supervisors.

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