A Letter to George Filer

George Filer is a long-time investigator into our Celestial Visitors.

I was replying to an invitation from George to discuss our Visitors.

June 9, 2006

Thanks, George.

Are you aware of the many wonderful video clips that have been coming out of Mexico City, Phoenix, and other places in recent years?  This year alone Arturo Robles Gil has been capturing a multitude of phenomenal videos and still photos.
I don't know how anyone could look at that material and continue to believe it is a hoax, or some natural phenomena. If it were one man we could say he found a method for fooling people, but this is coming from multiple sources.
Go up to my web page and look at some of those videos.

The question before us is the celestial context. Note that I do NOT say extraterrestrial. I do not use that word for a very good reason. It is an earth-centered term invented by minds who cannot perceive a celestial context to intelligent forms originating beyond our planet. This forces them to view all possible intelligence in human terms. For example, our search for intelligence in the skies is then defined according to us, and our civilization, without regard for something beyond us. Consider the experiments from Arecibo. All sky watching with our radio telescopes is founded on that limiting perception. It just never occurs to all these bright scientific brains to consider that those intelligent forms are truly beyond us, their technology is beyond us, and their purpose is beyond us.
This is the equivalent of a medieval attitude of an earth-centric universe cast into the new scientific framework. We have not advanced much in our attitudes.  

This attitude is transferred over into our UFO efforts, where we reduce all to human-centered terms. That is why we can believe in flesh and blood aliens, crashed mechanical vehicles, and all the assorted nonsense that goes with it.

What, then, is the celestial framework?

I knew from my personal experience that some human groups, (maybe only one), working secretly, were attempting to thwart more serious studies by their deceptions. Karl Pflock attempted to retrieve that extreme psychology from the inevitable crashing on intellectual rocks. It also severely limited contributions by other minds out there in the ordinary world who might offer new insights. But he hypothesized that it was a bunch of play boys from the sky, and did not give it the credit their technology indicated. (I am gathering this from the few remarks you made.)

In fact, I could believe that he was merely continuing an attempt to thwart clear understanding by his strange scenario. Did he truly believe that the general population would think that celestial intelligence would go away, merely because he said so? Did he not perceive how events would unfold, and that celestial intelligence would come in ever increasing demonstration?

In the common view of extraterrestrial attitudes, we would expect our Visitors to behave as we do. Why don't they come down here and take over? That is what we would do.
Since they do not, and have not openly intervened in earth affairs since WWII, I must assume they have a different purpose in mind.

The tremendous fleets in the skies captured by Arturo and others strongly suggests they are expecting an imminent crisis upon earth, and are documenting it. That's right. They are documenting the actions of human beings upon earth. They may also be documenting natural earth phenomena. In fact, one of the elements that impressed me when I first got into these investigations, is that their actions indicated an interest in natural earth phenomena, including the biological world.

We are in extreme danger of obliterating ourselves from existence. We can do that now. The only thing holding us back is our common sense. If that common sense becomes tested, as we see unfolding in the Middle East, we than may act to destroy ourselves. 

When I put all of this together I see a celestial intelligence who is highly concerned about our ultimate welfare, but who is acting under the principle of non-interference.

This is where God comes in. I shall postpone further discussion until you have time to digest some of these thoughts. 


PS: I hope you do not mind that I inform Linda Howe of our discussion.

Report from George Filer

Karl Pflock Dies

For a biographical profile see


I'm sad to report that Karl Pflock passed away at his home in Placitas, New Mexico on June 5, 2006.  He asked me to help research facts about Roswell prior to the publication of his book. Although, Karl and I had our disagreements about the reality of a UFO crash near Roswell, he was willing to listen and make reasonable comments.  I would show him my evidence in favor of a UFO crash at Roswell, and he would explain his evidence against it. His definitive Roswell: Inconvenient Facts and the Will to Believe was published in the U.S. by Prometheus Books.  

He was Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Deputy Director) for Operational Test and Evaluation (1985-89), Karl guided development and implementation of Department of Defense policy governing weapons systems and equipment testing. He also managed congressional, media, and public affairs for the Operational Test and Evaluation office.

In the House of Representatives, he was Special Assistant for Defense, Space, and Science to Congressman Ken Kramer (1983-85). He was a cum laude graduate of San José State University (BA, philosophy 1964), He served in reserve components of the Marine Corps and Air Force (1960-66) and with the Central Intelligence Agency (1966-72). He was a MUFON State Section Director in New Mexico.

Several years ago Karl sent me his views on UFOs. He stated,

"UFOs are real--that is, as yet unexplained phenomena.  Moreover, many solid unknowns involving reports of strange craft and sometimes living creatures and/or physical evidence and visual records (photos, motion picture film) leave us with but two choices, hoax or real essentially as reported (a FEW admit of a psychological explanation as well).  In all these instances, if what occurred was real and reasonably accurately reported, they must have been encounters with products of nonhuman intelligence and, in some cases, the intelligence's themselves.

"Based on the data, I'm Subjectively certain we have been visited by nonhuman intelligent beings--to my '50's-conditioned mind, most likely from an extra-solar planet of our galaxy.  However, we do not yet have proof of this--as opposed to very strong evidence pointing to it--though such proof very well may be in the data already in hand, as yet unrecognized as such.

"I use the past tense advisedly.  If I am correct that some sightings were observations of such visitors and their vehicles, I suspect they were here and left some time ago--arriving in the early to mid-1940's, departing in the late 1960's or early 1970's.  They came here because Sol and his planets seemed cozily familiar.  They studied our entire system and us quite closely.  Once in a while a couple of grad students got out of hand and buzzed the natives. On occasion some ambitious scientists overstepped a bit and interfered with the locals--the famous and, in my considered opinion, real 1961 abduction of Barney and Betty Hill comes to mind.  Then they left, leaving us wondering, dreaming, and hoping."

Karl will be greatly missed by the UFO community and his wife Mary Martinek. God speed Karl.

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