A Letter of Explanation to Jaime Maussan

Dated May 28, 2006

Dear Jaime:


I felt you deserved this letter.


Personal Information


I first investigated our Celestial Visitors in 1965. Late in 1967 I had a deep and unusual spiritual experience. Since that time I have been dedicated to our Creator.


I self-published the following books:

God, Man and the UFOs, Carlton Press, 1970

The Day of Celestial Visitation, Exposition Press, 1975

Our Celestial Visitors, Moyer Press, 2000


I attended UFO conferences. I conversed with Daniel Fry. I had considerable correspondence with Betty Andreasson.


I  have web sites at:








These web sites are commercial free, do not advertise, and do not promote sales of any kind. They are strictly for information purposes.


I have never had an overt contact by Celestial Agencies. My insights are due strictly to my religious experience, and my natural ability to logically structure evidence.


The UFO Conflict


Fifty years ago George Adamski emphatically stated: "There are no crashed flying saucers."


This statement is a flat contradiction to the world wide belief in Roswell, and dead aliens.


Adamski knew what he was talking about; the current universal view of crashed UFOs does not.


They do not crash. They are not composed of earthly materials. They are composed of heavenly substances.


Visitors who examine us are not flesh and blood; they are highly sophisticated androids composed of similar heavenly substances.


Interference of the US Government


My first book was financed by agencies of the US Government. They did this through the subterfuge of a man named Drew Muhlenberg, who became intimate with me and my family. At the time his brother was Administrator of the US Defense Department branch for Research and Development. They had an interest in me because of my discoveries, and because they wished to sidetrack that information from wide public dissemination. Shortly thereafter the Condon Report supposedly cut off all further interest by our Government in our Visitors. Thence forward until today their interest became clandestine.


Ask Jimmy Carter about his personal UFO experience. He stated that when he became President he would reveal what our Government knew. He never did.


Over the past few decades they have planted myths about dead aliens among UFO researchers to divert attention away from solid investigations. Such myths tickle the fancy of many minds. Linda Moulton Howe is a good example of how this was done. Her strong influence among the UFO crowd has caused her to inadvertently help promote those myths. The Discovery, History, and Learning TV channels all work to continue those myths.


You show still photographs of supposed aliens. You claim them to be authentic, that the images are real. Yes, Jaime, the images are real; the photographs have been doctored. This is the explanation you fail to include in your presentations. You do not separate the stupendous events unfolding in our skies, documented by so many videos, and the fraud you help perpetrate through such photographs.


The Turn Toward Current Developments


For more than a decade we are experiencing sky phenomena never before witnessed. Huge fleets are now invading our skies. Arturo Robles Gil and others have documented these fleets and also individual objects he calls "worms." I am deeply impressed with Arturo's work.


I know from my studies that this dramatic evidence is connected with the termination of this earth age.


I also know it is connected with a great religious event: the Judgment of our World. These events are preparation for the return of a Personality of high universe authority, someone we know as God. We also know him as Jesus. He is one and the same.


These events may be summed up by the following statement:


Matt 25:31-33

When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his throne in heavenly glory. All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.


Can we really believe those huge fleets in the skies are a secular demonstration by some godless stellar civilization? Why don't they use their stupendous power and come down here and take over? Do we not recognize God coming on the heavens with power and great glory? Do we not understand that this is the Kingdom of Heaven?


The Salvage of God's People


As you well know great concern was expressed by both the Contactees and the Abductees about nuclear destructions. This is a theme that constantly shows up in the reports by investigators. I had many reasons to believe that the salvage of elements of the human race from such destructions was part of the program of our Visitors. This involved both the escape from destruction here upon the earth, and a smaller rescue from the planet of other human genetic elements. Many factors exist in the Abduction phenomenon I cannot discuss in this letter.


My Purpose


My web site and my work are dedicated to this program. The wealth of information that Arturo has shared with me is of tremendous help in this effort. I have no interest in any personal gain or benefit from this work, nor for any fame. I simply and purely want to inform my fellow human beings.


Arturo believes that there was a confluence of forces to bring he and I together. As he stated:  "I believe that there is the existence of imaginary convergence lines in time and space, probably this could be the case of our relationship." I strongly support that view. I believe the unfolding of events has been to help display these stupendous developments in a context that adheres to the truth. I tremble with the imminence of events.


Other Comments


I know, and many people have sensed, that our Visitors control the information we retrieve from the skies. If you examine the incident of your Government reaction to the Campeche experience, an episode you were asked to publish,  you should easily recognize that our Visitors can make themselves visible or invisible according to their desires. You attribute that to infrared spectrums but such suggestion falls far short of the reality. We see only what they want us to see.


Certain people are favored in observing our Visitors. Arturo is an outstanding example of that action. Other people also seem to have this uncanny ability: Rich Giordano of Phoenix, "Johnny Anonymous" of Modesto, CA, Christopher Martin in England, and many others you have documented.


You should witness an ever increasing visibility of objects in our skies. This will continue to the crescendo of the planetary judgment. New sightings and new witness will continue at an ever quickening pace.


Within this context a great religious persecution will arise upon earth.


Our Visitors will not interfere in the unfolding of earth religious and political events. We are set on a course of destiny. False Christ's will arise many places. George Bush, and others, are instruments for the unfolding of God's will. As is well known, Bush believes he has a divine mandate.


Our Visitors are under the direct control of Jesus, our Creator. This is his planet. They do not operate independently of that authority. You cannot possibly come to a proper understanding of the events in our skies unless you come to grips with that truth.


I hope this letter will help bring greater understanding.




Copies to many individuals.


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