Mother Carrier II - Type II

The following videos and photographs show another type of Mother Carrier that has been captured on film in recent years. Arturo Robles Gil again was fortunate to provide for us many of these amazing images.

The Type II Carrier differs from the Type I in a very distinct manner. All Type I had the scout spheres attached to the exterior of the Carrier. Also, from the evidence we have available they were all "white" in color. All Type II had the scout spheres contained within the Carriers, similar to tubes that hold tennis balls, except the number is large. Also, most of the tube Carriers are "orange" colored, although some may be "white." Note that many are "candy stripe" color as tubes that are twisted together.

This photograph was taken by Alejandro Gabriel Garcia near Buenos Aires, Argentina. He took the photograph with a cellular telephone on January 10, 2006. This was one of a photographic sequence taken in the Lagoon of Go'mez de Junín, Province of Buenos Aires. He used the built-in VGA camera of the cellular telephone Treo 600.

It shows an orange colored object similar to the white Mother Carriers captured by Arturo. Note the "bend" in the object, revealing its flexible nature.

The object below was published in UFO Magazine out of England, now defunct due to the untimely death of Graham Birdsall, the Editor and owner. Note that this predates the current sightings by five years.

This object was photographed by Arturo on May 14, 2006. Compare it with the object on the right photographed by Christopher Martin on July 1, 2001.

This photograph, with others published by Arturo, permits estimate of the number of spheres these Mother Carriers can hold. This information is absolutely fascinating. You can see four spheres bundled side by side at the end of the Carrier. Arturo has shown this in the exploded view. The Carrier has a quadruple helix of tubes that twists down its length. Each of the tubes carries spheres.

(Although Arturo enhanced the color to cause a black background, this photograph reflects the daylight conditions. Refer left to object in daylight colors.) From examination I estimate more than thirty twists of each tube. I estimate the number of spheres at about ten per twist around the circumference of the Carrier. With these numbers the Carrier would have within it more than 1300 spheres. (4 X 33 X 10) The reason for the twists of the tubes (serrations) is to retain flexibility of Carrier structure. We can see how great flocks of spheres can be disgorged from the tubes to appear at one sky location.
Click on the thumbnail to see an enlargement.

In this picture Arturo show us more than one Carrier.  Each exhibits a different coloring. The one is candy-stripe of white and orange helix twists, while the other is pure orange. The reason for the color difference I explain below. We should note that this color enhancement by our Visitors helps us to understand the structure of the Carrier.

The color inserts on the sides of the photograph show the original color, a reverse color image, (negative), and a color enhancement between the original and the reverse. Arturo did this hoping to expose detail in the image. We can see that the size appears very similar among the Carriers, if not exactly the same, in both the diameter and the length. The different photographs from Arturo show the Carriers in different modes, changing appearance as he observed them. See videos below.

Arturo Robles Gil - Photo Gallery on May 14, 2006 sightings.

Arturo provided this description of the event.

This past May 14, early in the morning around ten a.m. I began this amazing sighting. First I saw some white spheres, let's say six or seven but not all at the same time. After that I saw the first four worms coming from the north. My first impression was that I was looking at balloons. Anyway I began to record them and also I took some shots with my digital camera. But then I could see that the objects were moving (bending and twisting). I changed my mind and immediately began to think of worms. Quickly I called my wife from my cellular phone to tell her what was going on. She came outside fast to share with me this strange manifestation. When I was recording the first four

worms my wife saw another four worms coming from the same direction minutes later. It was impossible to capture all at the same time, because the first sighting of these worms was too far from the others. Honestly, with the high emotions, nervousness, anxiety, and so on, I don't remember the type of each one. I am so sorry for this, but  it is a normal and natural human reaction. I took many pictures but these are the best. The pictures of the other worms have no details because they were too far away, so it is not possible to see details. The entire time of the sighting was around 30 minutes. All the worms left in the same direction over Ajusco mountain.

About 16 serrations

About 16 serrations.

About 16 serrations.

About 33 serrations.

Four Mother Carriers

We can see that the length may vary from about 16 serrations to about 33. It may be that the carriers split in half between photographs.

I have proposed that the carriers are intertwined, with either white or orange originally showing on the outside. As they begin to function they separate, or untwist. Their untwisted state provides the candy-stripe appearance of white and orange colors.
These videos were taken by Arturo on May 14, 2006. He sent them to me in segments to make practical the length of each piece. In total he photographed eight Mother Carriers in this one sighting. The colors range on the different Carriers from pure white, to mixture of orange and white, to pure orange. In some segments you can see where the spheres have already departed from the Mother Carrier. They appear nearby in the sky, while the Carrier exhibits a color change where they have been disgorged. (Note similar change in appearance of the Type I Carrier along its length as spheres depart.) The shape of the Type II Carriers is also changing as Arturo observed them, going from straight rods to bent U-shapes, as he showed in earlier videos.

Mother Carrier - May 14, 2006 - Part I

Mother Carrier - May 14, 2006 - Part II

Rich Giordano captured this Mother Carrier, in what appears to be disgorging of her spherical children. The brightness of both ends of the Carrier suggests that the spheres have been disgorged from those ends.

Mother Carrier in mid-Disgorge August 22, 2004