Mother Carriers - Part III

Mother Carrier Disgorging Disks
This unique video was published by "Jagman" on AboveTopSecret.com. It was edited for their web site on March 15, 2007 by "ScepticOverlord."

While "Jagman" is a known surname it is also a common pseudonym that derives from the Judge Advocate General Manual of the United States Navy and is often applied to military personnel who work in that Office.

In the videos supplied by Arturo Robles Gil we saw the glowing disks surrounding and associated with the worm-like objects he recorded with his video camera. But we did not clearly observe those objects as they exited from the Mother Carrier. In this video we have more evidence for the exit of disks. As they exit a bright flash appears. They appear to exit from the end of the Mother Carrier, but we also see flashes of light along the length of the Carrier. Scrutiny of the video shows this several places during the length of the clip. You will find not only flashes as the disks are disgorged, but also as they momentarily appear near the Mother Carrier.

I offer two types of video, WMV and Real Player.

This is a truly fascinating video, adding important data to our catalog of celestial information.

Please note that the video quality is poor because of my conversion of the file, and the loss of pixel depth.

You will find a discussion at:


where "Jagman" includes a reference to his video

Below I include still shots showing how the video appears.

Click on text below each picture to obtain larger image.
Object as it first appears. Flash of light at end of object. Shape change and flash of light.

This flash may actually show separation from the Mother Carrier.
Object in full extension and flash of light. Other flash simul-taneous with one at end.

Kissing Angels
(Two Mother Carriers)
Video Clip from Arturo Robles Gil

These two Mother Carriers are intimate with one another, kissing and almost as though
they were making love, cavorting about one another.

As we watch the video we see flashes of light along the length of the Carriers
in the later part of the movie clip. I cannot discern if these are disks departing
the Carriers from their side, or if they are merely an energy display of
internal disks, similar to that shown in the following video later below.

I provide here two still photos taken by Arturo of these two Kissing Angels.
One can count the number of nodules showing the content of the Carriers.
I count eighteen along the length. If it were sixteen it would be a factor
of two. Then this number would be the multiple of two we found on other
Carriers. Here their protuberance shows bold and clear. From the appearance
it would seem that the disks are stacked four to a layer, similar to what we
saw in other clips for other Carriers.

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Glistening Angel

Arturo Robles Gil used color filters on his videos to determine
if he could detect other characteristics of the Mother Carriers.

This is one of those, in plum color. It shows the disks interior
to the Carrier, glistening in their high energy state.

Glistening Angel