A Mother Carrier - Type I

Addendum February 7, 2006: 

This is an exploded view of an object over Mexico City, taken on October 27, 2004. This is a most incredible photograph, showing hundreds, if not thousands of spherical like objects attached to, and departing from, the "worm like" object. The shape of  the "mother" object seems irrelevant to the "carrier" function. Note the presence of blue and red spheres. Their purpose is unknown.

Again I must give credit to Arturo Gil, who provided this photograph, and sent it to me on February 6, 2006. He solicited the opinion of biological, chemical and physics professors at the University of Mexico. They saw in it a complex protein or chemical strand with nodules! To quote from Arturo:


According to an integrated investigation made by UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) these spheres are the result of a complex biochemical process inside the body of the worm; the interaction of different kinds of chemicals produces a reaction that creates these spheres.


The unfolding information shown in these movie clips and still pictures violates our understanding of "mother ships" with "flying saucers" shooting forth from them. Refer to related discussions. Although Adamski described all manner of "remote controlled" craft, these displays do not seem to follow from his descriptions. Until we are given further information we can only guess about the objects we are now observing. Perhaps in the developing revelations of our celestial visitors we can soon come to a better understanding.

Note: A most notable, and highly curious, property of the celestial objects now coming under our purview is their ability to defy gravity. They float around in the sky, under the normal influences of a gravitational body, such as Earth, with seeming defiance. But the behavior is more than defiance; they act as though the influence of gravity were not present. If they have the ability to ignore gravity that power goes far beyond our scientific understanding.