A Mother Carrier - Type I (Continued)

Photo Credits due to Arturo Robles Gil

Arturo has provided us with one of the most amazing, and most puzzling, reports on our Celestial Visitors. The pictures presented here are from a series of still shots he took all on one morning. I show one of those shots in my opening page on SkyObjects. Here I present the entire series, in sequence as taken by Arturo. (I asked him especially about the sequence because I thought the pictures should show in a different sequence, from a tight spherical form to the full unfolding. He assured me that the sequence I show was correct.)

The date was October 27, 2004. The pictures were taken with a digital camera, Canon EOS 20D using a 500 mm telephoto lens. The picture sequence has a little difference in timing between shots. Arturo does not remember exactly but about 3 to 5 minutes between pictures. This would make the entire sequence span about an hour. However, according to his recollection, the entire sequence did not span more than about twenty minutes. He also stated to me that there were five other people who witnessed this event along with him.

Small spherical objects are departing from, and returning to the carrier. Through the series of shots you can see it changing form, at one point collapsing almost to a spherical shape. This would suggest that it was from a much larger carrier, perhaps a huge seraphic transport. But this is pure speculation on my part.

Technically, a mathematical treatment may provide understanding of the best way to curl up a carrier into a tight ball for transport through space on another carrier.

The reason it changes form over the hour is not known. It behaves almost as though it were a living entity. Certainly there is much here that shows we are in gross ignorance. Again I am impressed how these entities seem to be aware of the presence of Arturo and his desire to record these events. Again, almost that they are showing off for him.

I include photos that show the mother carrier changing appearance because of the departure of the small spheres. This strongly suggests that the small spheres adhere to the surface of the mother carrier, and are not emerging from its interior. I shall show other Carriers where the spheres seem to come from the interior rather than the exterior.

Note that the sequence of contracting and expanding may be seen on the video taken on the same date.

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Arturo has highlighted on this photograph a section of the carrier that appears translucent. He refers to it as a "worm" because of its obvious form. Examination shows a section has "lost" the small spheres. They have departed from the mother carrier. This is shown also from the negative image.

This may be contrasted also with other images that show hardly any of the small spheres departed from the mother ship.  We can see how dark the small spheres appear on the negative image.