Seraphic Transports Part II

We can get a better understanding of our Celestial Visitors if we engage in an analytical study of the properties they exhibit.

A. Hard Seraphic Cylinders (Transports).

B. Mother Carriers with Externally attached spheres (or disks).

C. Mother Carriers with Internally stored spheres (or disks).

Both of the Mother Carrier types show flexibility in their structure. They are called "worms" as a convenient and familiar designation. They can bend or coil. For the External Carriers they have displayed themselves as able to completely coil into a ball or spherical shape. For the Internal Carriers they show flexibility but we have not observed them in the tight ball configuration. In fact, if they were to be stored on a Seraphic Transport, why could they not be stacked upon one another, rather than curling into a tight ball. Any answer to that question remains as pure speculation. We do not know why these two types of Mother Carriers are shown to us.

For a display of the External Carriers see


From this series of photographs we see how they can coil into a ball. The spheres or disks are attached to the outside of the Carrier.

For a display of the Internal Carriers see


I have shown how we can estimate the number of spheres or disks stored internal to these objects.

Jaime Maussan has assigned the term "ebani" to both types, in an attempt to classify them. Arturo has copied this designation onto many of his videos and photographs. However, this word is not found in Spanish. This invented word is an acronym from the Spanish initials e.b.a.n.i. The Spanish words are entidad biológica aérea no identificada. Literally, in English, these words are translated as entity bioligical aerial not indentified. In other words, an unidentified biological entity found in the sky.

The inspiration behind this acronym is UFO, an Unidentified Flying Object. However, UFO is a generalized designation, commonly applied to hard objects, but not denying other structural forms. Ebani is more specific in that it is applied to objects that seem to be biological in form. The term "worm" derives from a similar human recognition of these objects.

Clearly, from considerable evidence, we see that these entities are not biological, or not according to our understanding of that word. As Carriers of spherical or disk-shaped objects they would not be organic entities. The idea of an organic biological entity is an inferior concept, derived out of superficial observation. We were given much information about these Carriers in Revelation but uninformed men do not benefit from that knowledge.

I shall now resort to Revelation to help us better understand. The following passages all come from the Urantia Papers. I show page numbers but do not otherwise identify the source.

P.326 - §5 The energy transformers are the conjoint creation of the Seven Supreme Power Directors and the Seven Central Supervisors. They are among the more personal orders of physical controllers, and except when an associate power director is present on an inhabited world, the transformers are in command. They are the planetary inspectors of all departing seraphic transports.

We can see that Seraphic Transports are subject to an energy overcontrol, an approval from a Higher Authority, for their dispatch from a planet. They are not independent entities, flying through space of their own volition. All operations within this Universe are coordinated under a Master Plan, from the most simple mechanical manipulations to complex programs. No entity and no program operates without God.

P.326 - §1 Of all the Master Physical Controllers assigned to the inhabited worlds, the mechanical controllers are by far the most powerful. Possessing the living endowment of antigravity in excess of all other beings, each controller has a gravity resistance equaled only by enormous spheres revolving at tremendous velocity. Ten of these controllers are now stationed on Urantia, and one of their most important planetary activities is to facilitate the departure of seraphic transports. In so functioning, all ten of the mechanical controllers act in unison while a battery of one thousand energy transmitters provides the initial momentum for the seraphic departure.

A most amazing property of the objects we see in our skies is to defy gravity. Seraphic Transports, and Mother Carriers, can hover in space in an apparent immunity to the gravitational pull of the planet. No modern scientist can accept such power. The ability of these entities to defy gravity denies our understanding of universe physics. Our secular theoretical frameworks do not incorporate such ideas. This is a major reason why the modern scientific community cannot accept our Celestial Visitors.

Hence, we have a mighty conflict between our conventional view of the universe, and the evidence that has unfolded before our eyes in the past few decades.

Many statements are made in the Urantia Papers about antigravity. These statements may help us understand the forces and counter-forces that operate within the universe.

P.101 - §2 The Infinite Spirit possesses a unique and amazing power -- antigravity. This power is not functionally (observably) present in either the Father or the Son. This ability to withstand the pull of material gravity, inherent in the Third Source, is revealed in the personal reactions of the Conjoint Actor to certain phases of universe relationships. And this unique attribute is transmissible to certain of the higher personalities of the Infinite Spirit.

P.101 - §3 Antigravity can annul gravity within a local frame; it does so by the exercise of equal force presence. It operates only with reference to material gravity, and it is not the action of mind. The gravity-resistant phenomenon of a gyroscope is a fair illustration of the effect of antigravity but of no value to illustrate the cause of antigravity.

P.101 - §6 The universe of universes is permeated by the power-control creatures of the Third Source and Center: physical controllers, power directors, power centers, and other representatives of the God of Action who have to do with the regulation and stabilization of physical energies. These unique creatures of physical function all possess varying attributes of power control, such as antigravity, which they utilize in their efforts to establish the physical equilibrium of the matter and energies of the grand universe.

Unless one becomes familiar with the terminology of the Urantia Papers these passages are extremely difficult to understand. I offer them here to entice serious students of God to explore the Revelation that has been made available to us. In a future age we will have much greater desire to learn about these stupendous powers of the universe, and of God.

To assign to these human observations the phrase entidad biológica aérea no identificada is extremely immature and childish.