Seraphic Transports

Reports of celestial cylindrical objects are manifold in our planetary record, going back to the time of Moses, and beyond. Although their presence is well known since World War II, we do not have significant photographic evidence to clearly demonstrate their activity. Here I offer some of the little that is available.

Please note that I differentiate between hard (or fixed) cylindrical objects, which may approach close to, or even land on, the earth, and flexible "worm like" objects that are universally observed high in the atmosphere. From the Urantia Papers and assorted descriptions we know the former are the transport vehicles used across the Universe. They derive from headquarter worlds and now service our planet. The latter seem to be dedicated platforms for hosting the observational objects (disks) seen everywhere. From our understanding, these latter platforms must be carried on board Seraphic Transports for interplanetary travel.

The cause of the confusion between spherical objects and disks may be seen by examining the video taken by Arturo Robles Gil. When they change energy state they may be seen as spheres or as disks. See:


While some Transport Seraphim are relatively small, and may host a small number of disk craft, what I refer to as Seraphic Craft, (see George Adamski's description), others may be of tremendous size and may host many "worm like" objects and thousands of Seraphic Craft. Our observations have made this much deduction possible of Celestial Operations. We believe that the Mother Carriers are used as platforms that may be coiled into a ball, still containing hundreds of Seraphic Craft, which are then carried on the very large Transport Seraphim. These Mother Carriers are designed to fit compactly within the larger space transports. They are not biological in our understanding of the word. They appear as "worms" because they are designed as flexible tube-like structures. Also, they may possess independent cognitive and operational abilities that reach beyond our perception.

Passages exist within the Urantia Papers that discuss these abilities of Seraphic Transports and associated entities. For example:

Page 147 - ยง1 The secrets of Seraphington involve a threefold mystery, only one of which I may mention--the mystery of seraphic transport. The ability of various orders of seraphim and allied spirit beings to envelop within their spirit forms all orders of nonmaterial personalities and to carry them away on lengthy interplanetary journeys, is a secret locked up in the sacred sectors of Seraphington. The transport seraphim comprehend this mystery, but they do not communicate it to the rest of us, or perhaps they cannot. The other mysteries of Seraphington pertain to the personal experiences of types of spirit servers as yet not revealed to mortals. And we refrain from discussing the secrets of such closely related beings because you can almost comprehend such near orders of existence, and it would be akin to betrayal of trust to present even our partial knowledge of such phenomena.

Note that a multiplicity of operational entities are described. The words "various orders" and "allied spirit beings" envelop within their spirit forms all orders of nonmaterial personalities. Again, I emphasize that the entities we observe may be personalities even though they are nonmaterial. They may behave as though they are intelligent even though they are not classified as organized material beings as we understand that word. The clue is in the fact that they are morontia beings who can operate near to and in contact with the material world.

Still Photographs

Vancouver BC 2005

Mexico July 28, 2005

Sonora, CA Jan 20, 2006

Fujisawa, Japan

Early 1960's

 Mescalero Reservation,

New Mexico,

October 16, 1957.

Madre de Dios, Peru - 1952

Mt Washington 1870

One side of a Stereo Photograph

Pencil Thin Transports



Salida Colorado

Date Unknown

 Rhode Island 1987

Sonora, CA 6-10-04

Sonora, CA 1-20-2006

Mexico City - A. Robles Gil - Double Clip: Three and Five PM, 11 - 25 - 2005
This and Sonora 6-10 above probably are Mother Carriers, not Seraphic Transports